Design & Consultancy

Audio, Video & Acoustic Design consultancy is like an ensemble. Every person's or a team's skills is put together in a systematic manner to come up with an illustrious result. AWAN, a pro-AV, has a dedicated Design & Consultancy team consisting not only professional Audio & Video sound engineers. Audio & Video Design Consultants, skilled AV systems integrators, AV technicians, Field Engineers, but also experienced Project Managers who can understand the clients requirements and pass it on to the planning, design & execution team to give the client what they want.

Once the client approaches us with their requirements either for a small meeting room setup or a conference room or an auditorium essentially the key steps involved are :


Get the details of client requirements - purpose, kind of audience who uses it, budget and theme required and know about the support to be engaged - electricians, contractors, architects etc.


Virtual and field evaluation with the high tech AV evaluation tools and equipments to get a complete understanding of the requirements.


Discuss with the Design Team, examine the requirements and identify the right products with the budget in mind.


Meet the client and provide a hands-on demo of the products and the sketch of what the final result would be.


Draw up detailed scope and CAD drawings.


Source & implement AV system designs and engineering.


Equipment specification and acquisition.


Install, apply and configure with the proper software, AV technologies.


Integrate the interfaces with programming and testing.


Hand over the project to the client and hand-hold in the operations to give a seamless understanding of the complete system to the client’s IT & AV team with the technical training and support documentation.

Technical Details

Audio, Video & Acoustic Design is a multifaceted/complicated system of engineering. It involves experts in the industry to understand what is required to build, integrate, and install such a working system with the right set of equipment and technology.

Audio, Video,

Acoustic Design

The most important things to consider providing a superior AV Setup to intensify systems performance and diminish signal distortion are:


A well-planned system design,


High-grade system quality and exceptional system optimization


High quality, long-lasting cabling,


Resilient, latest technology audio/video & acoustic equipment


Exceptional Acoustical Environment with Sound Optimization.

System Optimization of the acoustical environment helps in making the sound reliable, unfailing to the listener. In this, the Acoustic Engineers

  • Scrutinize the unfolding of sound over the area and methodically examine the room acoustics and speaker communication.
  • Then system settings are done to align the speakers, the sound levels, time travel, phases, level adjustments, equalization measures, and other settings.
  • Finally, pitch testing is done to check out the complete potential of the sound to ensure the speaker's notes are heard all over the space smoothly without distortion.

For System Optimization testing, we at AWAN use

  • EASE software from AFMG, a pioneering acoustic simulation and measurement software programs.
  • Ease 4.4 for Acoustic Simulation,
  • Ease Speakerlab for analyzing the performance data
  • Ease Address for distributed Ceiling Systems,
  • Ease Focus for configuring loudspeakers.