Customer Name : Z.P.Panchayat Office, Nellore

System Integrator : AWAN

About The Customer

The Panchayat Raj Department houses the Divisional Panchayat Officers, Extension Officers (PR & RD), and Panchayat Secretaries being direct subordinates to District Collector. This department located in Andhra Pradesh approached AWAN for their AV solutions and had their Panchayat Wing designed by them.


Products Installed

Bose - 402 Series Speakers

Bose - 16FCeiling Speaker

Bose - 8500 Amplifier

Yamaha - Mixing Console

Sennheiser - Telivic conference system


Products USP

The Multifunction Hall to have highest quality sound reinforcement system for speech application. AWAN has designed the audio-visual solution and used apart audio solutions to give crisp and clear audio to the Z.P. Panchayat office.



“We found AWAN to be a reliable solution provider for our AV requirements in designing and smoothly managed delivery. The entire team needs to be appreciated for their experience and teamwork.”