Customer Name : NIAB Auditorium, Hyderabad

Consultant : AWAN India Pvt. Ltd.

About The Customer

The main focus of NIAB is to nurture the bio-entrepreneurship in the animal biotechnology field and to perform hardcore translational research involving livestock and beneficial to humans. There are research laboratories of various disciplines. e.g., Genomics, Nutrition enrichment, transgenic technology, infectious diseases, and Reproductive biotechnology.


Products Installed

Apart – MASK 12 Full range Speakers

APART – 2400 Sub Woopers

Symetrix – DSP Jupiter 8x8

Yamaha – Mixing console MG24

Sennheiser – Microphones

Video System – Hitachi


Products USP

The Multi-function Hall to house state of the art sound is one of the highest quality sound system delivered. AWAN has designed the audio-visual solution and used Apart audio solutions.



“AWAN has executed & handed over the project within the specified timeline and the safety management is good with all Audio & Video system installations. The Apart System Quality of audio is very well, AWAN have done a good integration job, we are happy with their service & also with AWAN team, it was a very good experience overall.”