Customer Name : Club Mahindra Holidays, Kerala

Consultant Name : AWAN India Pvt. Ltd.

About Customer

Mahindra Holidays, situated in lush green mountains & largest lake areas in Astamudi, Kerala. The lake which branches out like the eight arms of an octopus is called “Ashtamudi” and Mahindra Holidays is located on the banks of the lake.


Products Installed

Bar and Pub : BOSE Audio system

Restaurant Area : BOSE Audio system

Reception Area : Apart Audio system

Cafeteria Area : Apart Audio system

Kitchen Area : Fireproof Apart Audio system

Swimming Area : Water Proof Apart Audio system

Car parking Area : Apart Audio system

Students training Area : Apart Audio system

Holiday’s activity area : Apart Audio system

Holiday world Area : Apart Audio system

Public Addressing System : Apart Audio system


Products USP

AWAN has designed the audio solution and used top audio brands to give crisp and clear audio to Club Mahindra, Ashtamudi, Kerala.



“AWAN is one of reliable AV consulting & solution provider, they have been our design and built AV partners for most of our projects, The entire team has good technical knowledge & handles projects professionally, needs to appreciate their experience and teamwork.”