Customer Name : Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore

Consultant : AWAN India Pvt. Ltd.

About The Customer

The vision of the Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park is to create an opportunity to the citizens - especially to children of Bangalore Metropolitan City, to have a Biological Recreation Centre very close to the city in the midst of the forests in the valley of the famous Champakadhama hills inside the Bannerghatta National Park. To accomplish this vision, a mini zoo was created in 1972 which by 2020, gradually grew into the present Biological Park.


Products Installed

Bose – 802 LCR Speakers

Bose – DS100SE Surround speakers

Bose – PM8500 Amplifiers

Marranz - AV Receiver

Yamaha – Mixing console



“AWAN has very good knowledge in pro sound with best audio products design. Biological Park Digital Theatre has come up very well. AWAN have done a good integration job, we are happy with their services & also with AWAN’s team, it was a very good experience overall.”